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The Web version and the Android version are now available for beta testing. For the Web version, You will need to login again with your normal WazHack account if you have one.

Please watch for announcements and updates, either on the Reddit forum or the blog. The Reddit forum is the best place to discuss the beta.


Get it now!

There are three versions - the Steam version, the Web version, and the Mobile version. The games are very similar. The user interface is a little different in each, and the Steam and Web version graphics are a little fancier than the Mobile version.

Steam Version

Web Version

Just hit the "Play" tab above!

You can explore the game up to 300 feet, after that you'll need to buy the Web version. Note that not all browsers support the plugin.

Mobile Versions

Each male/female pair of classes is just $1 in the mobile version, so you can buy just one to take WazHack on-the-go, or go crazy and support development even more by buying the whole lot!

The Android version also supports Android TV.

What's new in WazHack 1.3?

This release adds eggs, belief systems, and some new items and monsters.

Eggs have a number of uses which you'll want to work out as you play.

Belief systems vary between classes and character alignment, though some classes have the same belief system (for example the Valkyrie and the Barbarians both believe in the Old Germanic / Norse gods). The belief system is accessed through the "Cast" action (now a green aura not a spellbook). In general, beliefs are designed to be last-resort emergency measures, so for example the Knight can only pray to "The Big Guy" after he has played (and so dined) for quite a while; praying early will reset his timeout; other classes have worse consequences for calling on them too frequently, while others have no difference in consequence.

Just show me a Video!

Check out this quick WazHack gameplay video. The game isn't quite as "hack and slash" as depicted in this action video, since you really need to pay attention (don't just keep whacking away when a goblin with a giant club walks into the room!).

Just show me Screenshots!

I want to Review it!

Waz will fall over his big hairy feet to help you! Check out the Press page for more info.