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Talkin' WazHack

The most active forum for discussing WazHack is the WazHack forum on Reddit This is an ordered community-voted forum, so you can also see the most interesting of the recent discussions, the most upvoted long-term discussions, and vote to bring important discussions to the attention of other subscribers.

If you'd like to help spread the word about the game, or find other players, just start a discussion in your favourite gaming forum - WazHackers are everywhere!

WazHack on Steam - Join the discussion with other Steam users
/r/WazHack - subscribe on Reddit to see announcements, news, discussion, and polls, or to post anything else you would like.
WazHack Blog - follow for announcements, comments and feedback.
on Twitter for announcements and random chatter from Waz.
YouTube WazHack videos on YouTube - learn from the stupid deaths of other players.
WazHack on Facebook - you might "like" it.
Bugs Reports - in the "I found a Bug" menu option in-game. Usually the game will recover your character in the case of a crash.

Policy on Videos of WazHack

Everyone is explicitly permitted to make videos of themselves playing WazHack and to upload them with or without monetization to whatever online or offline services they choose.

The background game music is made by Aeronic, who also gives explicit permission for the game music to be played in the background of videos of WazHack.

Every game is different - thanks for posting fun videos for us all to enjoy!

Awards for WazHack

Game of the Week
In WazHack's first week of release on iOS, it won this community-voted award.


If you'd like to review the game, Waz will fall over his big hairy feet to help you! Check out the Press page for more info.