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Hackers Guild Membership


Buying the game is joining the guild. You can buy the game here.

Full Dungeon

You can access the full dungeon once you have guild membership. On iOS and Android, the membership is per class pair (eg. both Fighters, both Good Mages, etc.), while on other platforms it is all-or-none. This allows for a lower price on mobile, especially good if you just want to play your one or two favourite characters on-the-go.


The game keeps track of your progress towards a number of rather hard achievements. These aren't "well done, you reached level 2"-style achievements.

Achievements are local to the computer you run the game on.

Friends & Dungeon Sharing

You can add other guild members as friends, and then invite them to play the same random dungeon via Multiplayer Gaming. You do not exist in each other's dungeon, but rather you are exploring the same dungeon independently - see who makes best use of what they find!


From time to time, ballots and other temporary features are offered to Guild Members. Generally these are about how you would like the game's development to proceed.


Changes to these features will generally be announced via the Guild News, which will pulsate if you have not yet read the news.